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Oh no! Your favorite candle was somehow knocked over, dripping wax on your carpet! What do you do? First of all, do not panic. Here are easy to follow steps for removing wax from carpet. 

First Things First: Collect Supplies 

Make sure you have all the necessary materials in order to tackle the task of removing wax from carpet. In order to do so, you will need: 

  • a bag of ice 
  • a towel 
  • a butter knife 
  • an iron 
  • a brown paper bag 
  • carpet cleaner (there are great DIY carpet cleaning materials)
  • a second towel
  • a vacuum 


Now that we have gathered our supplies, lets get started! 

Next: Freeze the Spilled Wax 

Freezing the wax will stop the wax from further melting into the carpet, and will allow you to remove the wax from the carpet in larger portions at a time.  

Place the bag of ice over the wax, covering it completely. Wait for a few minutes until the wax is as cold as possible. To protect your carpet from getting wet, feel free to use a towel to cover the bag of ice.  

Next: Scrape Up the Spilled Wax 

Now that the wax is frozen solid, it is time to scrape off as much of the wax as possible. Use your butter knife to lift the wax, separating it from the carpet. Removing majority of the wax now, will decrease the chances of remaining wax later. Once you have removed as much of the wax as possible it is time to move on.  

Next: Heat Up the Spilled Wax to Remove 

Now that majority of the wax is gone, we are ready to reheat the wax in order to remove the remnants. Turn your iron on to a low temperature. To protect your carpet fibers from melting, it is crucial that the iron is not too hot! For best results avoid using a steam setting as well.  

Place the brown paper bag over the remaining wax and rub the iron over the brown paper bag. The wax will melt and stick to the brown paper bag, leaving very little remnants on your carpet!  

Next: Clean the Carpet 

Now the wax should be practically removed from your carpet! There is most likely a mess, so it is best to bring out your carpet cleaning products and second towel. Blot the stain until it is removed from the carpet.  

Next: Vacuum 

You are almost done! Wait for the carpet to dry completely in order to pick up the most remnants and avoid making your vacuum smell. Lastly, use your vacuum to remove any remaining wax from the carpet. 


Last: Seek Professional Assistance With Carpet Cleaning 

In order to achieve the best results for removing wax from carpet, seek out a professional carpet cleaning service. Professional care is the only way to ensure a deeper clean, fast drying carpets, and a healthier home for your family. While DIY abilities are acceptable to remove wax from carpet. Seeking professional carpet cleaning services guarantees your wax stained carpet will have no remnants and will be left in even better condition than before! Check out Chem-Dry of Victoria’s professional carpet cleaning service in Victoria, TX for all of your carpet cleaning needs.

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